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Listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage, the Notre-Dame-du-Port Basilica takes visitors into the spellbinding world of Romanesque art.

The basilica was built of beige arkose during the first third of the 12th century. It was fully restored ending December 2008.

The nave is covered with a smooth cradle vault and an aisle on either side, featuring high arches and galleries. The chancel is surrounded by an ambulatory complete with outward-radiating chapels. The pyramid-shaped chevet is remarkable, as are the south portal’s sculpted motifs and the capitals, especially the chancel’s capitals adorned with narrative scenes.

Daffodil-coloured distemper was applied to restore indoor volume unity, and it also served to highlight the 19th century stained glass windows. The basilica boasts several masterpieces, including a breast-feeding Virgin Mary (ca 14th or 15th century) and an Annunciation scene by Philippe de Champaigne.