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Nature’s offerings in Clermont-Ferrand

Do you like English gardens, or French gardens? Would you prefer wide-open protected areas? By a lakeside? Choose where you would like to stroll, hike, bask around or daydream… You’ll never be more than a few steps away from a charming Romanesque church, a chateau or a delightful village.

Open spaces

For every season the region changes its mantle, offering visitors a new variety of rich colours over the wide open spaces in both the Regional Parks (the Auvergne Volcanoes and the Livradois-Forez), located very close to the city. Hidden away within the magic of the panoramic landscapes, we find lakes, castles and Romanesque art treasures. Unsuspected curiosities can be discovered in the flora and fauna. Both man-made and natural historical phenomena can be found along the winding paths leading to the most beautiful sites. It is a paradise for walkers, but Auvergne can also be visited by bike and for the more intrepid, by hang-glider, paraglider or aboard a hot-air balloon. After such invigorating activity in pure air, you will be tempted by the local gastronomy, steeped in tradition.

Parks and gardens

As the city’s own green lungs, they combine plant collections, rare species of trees and sculptures. To be enjoyed sitting on a park bench or lying on the grass…