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Gourmet Clermont, shopping in Clermont

In Clermont-Ferrand, chefs work with the best products from the region. Food is inspired by rural traditions and has brought to us many recipes which are interpreted and respected by the new generation: potée auvergnate, coq au vin from Chanturgue, gigot brayaude, truffade, pounti, pompe aux pommes.

Fresh water fish, pikeperch, salmon, trout or the uncommon char can all be found on menus, served with local vegetables such as porcini or St George’s mushrooms or the refined Le Puy lentils. Blueberries picked painstakingly with large wooden combs are used to make delicious tarts…

Colourful market stalls reflect the best of the products made in the Auvergne. Dry salted ham and sausages have wonderful flavours. The reputation of the local cheeses is international: Five AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) cheeses – Saint-Nectaire, Cantal, Bleu d’Auvergne, Fourme d’Ambert and Salers, take pride of place in the market halls and restaurants. Fruit jellies are a speciality more specifically from Clermont, renowned since the time of the Marquise de Sévigné. These are good souvenirs for you to take back home!

This is good hunting ground for antiques, as the city has many high-quality antique dealers, bric-a-brac traders, bookshops full of old books and flea markets, lined along the pedestrian streets.


Did you know that people come from afar to bargain-hunt in Clermont? There are lovely display windows form antique dealers and antique bookshops nestling in the pedestrian area on Rue du Port, Rue Pascal or Rue Savaron… Every Sunday morning, check out the flea market at Les Salins; every first Saturday in the month, visit the professionals’ antique market on Place du 1er Mai. Every first Sunday in the month, don’t miss “Place aux Arts”, the open-air arts market on Place Gambetta.


If you want to bring back nice souvenirs in your luggage to go with the fruit paste,
remember the shop at the Tourist Centre if you are in town on a Sunday.


When visiting the town, you will also find shops, services and major brand names on Place de Jaude, the heartbeat of the city.